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  • The Jury 2015:
    Bogdan Bacanu, Peter Sadlo, Robert van Sice, Emmanuel Sejourne
    Leonhard Schmidinger, Ivana Bilic, Momoko Kamiya
  • Competition Winners 2012 in Salzburg:
    Richard Putz (1), Sun Yi (2), Guntars Freibergs (2), Kai Strobel (3)
  • The Danube splits the City
  • The Lentos Museum in Linz next to the Danube
  • First Prize at the competition 2015: "ADAMS Alpha Series" Marimba.




REGULATIONS for the International Marimba Competition LINZ 2015





1. The International Marimba Competition is holding a competition from 4 to 11 October 2015 for marimbists in Linz / Austria.





1 August 2015              deadline for sending applications

2 - 3 October 2015        the candidates arrive

4 - 6 October 2015        first round

7 - 8 October 2015        second round

9 October 2015             semi-final

11 October 2015           final / awards ceremony



A. General provisions concerning the rounds of the competition

The public rounds of the International Marimba Competition are not preceded by a preselection round. The public rounds are divided into four stages: 

a. The purpose of the first round is to choose the 20 to 25 candidates who will be admitted to the second round. 

b. The purpose of the second round is to choose the 7 to 10 candidates who will be admitted to the semi-final round.

c. The semi-final determines the 3 to 5 finalists.

d. The purpose of the final round is to rank the top three laureates.

In the different public rounds, the candidates will perform in the order established by the drawing of lots.

All the rounds are open to the public.

Each of the candidates selected for the final will be entitled to the same amount of rehearsal time with the orchestra.
Each candidate admitted to take part in the public rounds undertakes to participate in those rounds, unless prevented from doing so by illness or accident.


General remarks concerning programs:

Candidates are expected to treat each performance as a recital and should therefore put together their program with this in mind. The jury will look at each performance as a whole.

All the works can be performed by memory.

Candidates may also include in their program works that they themselves have composed.

Once the closing date for the submission of applications (1 August 2015) has passed, the program may not be changed, except at the request of the Artistic Committee.


B. Drawing of lots by the candidates

Date: 3 October 2015

Venue: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Linz

The purpose of the drawing of lots is to establish the order in which candidates will perform. Candidates admitted to the first round will be assigned an individual place in the order of appearance, which will apply to the three public rounds of the competition.

The drawing of lots will take place in the presence of the President of the Jury. (see: Part Five, No. III)

All candidates are required to attend the drawing of lots and will be duly summoned to attend.
If a candidate cannot attend the draw owing to circumstances beyond his/her control, he or she must justify the absence in time (at least 48 hours before the draw); at the candidate's express and written request, the President of the Jury or a person designated by the candidate will draw lots on the candidate's behalf. Candidates are requested to find out immediately after the draw from the Competition secretariat the date and time at which they must present themselves for their performances in the first round.

The order of appearance as determined by the draw may not be changed, except in cases of force majeure, for which the candidate will have to provide justification. The organizers will consider the reasons given and make a decision, which shall be final. The unavailability of a candidate's personal pianist (Final round) may not be advanced as a reason for changing the order of performance. A candidate who wants to obtain an exemption from the order of appearance because of a professional engagement must request this from the Competition secretariat and provide justification at least 48 hours before the drawing of lots. Any alteration decided upon will be valid only for the round in question.


C. First round

Dates: 4 - 6 October 2015 (exact schedule to be announced) 

Venue: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Linz 

Duration of the performance: maximum 15 minutes

Number of candidates admitted to the next round: 20 to 25

D. Second round

Dates: 7 - 8 May 2015 (exact schedule to be announced)

Venue: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Linz 

Duration of the performance: maximum 15 to 20 minutes

Number of candidates admitted to the next round: 7 to 10

E. Third round (Semi-final)

Date: 9 October 2015 (exact schedule to be announced)

Venue: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Linz

Duration of the performance: 15 to 20 minutes

Number of candidates admitted to the final: 3 to 5

F. Final

Date: 11 October 2015

Venue: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität - Linz

: During the period leading up to the final (10 October), the candidates selected must take part in the meetings with the conductor and the rehearsals planned by the Competition organizers. Candidates will be supplied with a detailed schedule once their candidacies are accepted. No exemptions will be granted, except in cases of force majeure. Candidates who do not fulfill their obligations in this respect may be denied access to the final. 


The competition is open to marimbists of all nationalities, who are aged at least 10 and have not yet reached the age of 50 on the deadline fixed for the submission of applications.

The competition has 4 public rounds. Candidates perform at these in the order established by the drawing of lots.

This competition is not open to First Prize winners of a previous International Marimba Competition Linz / Salzburg. No candidate may take part more than twice in the public rounds of a competition in the same discipline.

By entering the competition, candidates agree to participate in all the rounds and concerts for which they will be selected by the jury or the organizers of the competition.
Candidates shall not be required, in the framework of the competition, to make any financial contribution other than the registration fee, travel expenses, accommodation and food.

Travel expenses

The Competition cannot reimburse the travel expenses of candidates.


The Competition will provide a list with student homes and financially attractive hotels to candidates. The Competition cannot reimburse the accommodation of candidates.


Except in exceptional circumstances, the semi-final and final sessions, as well as the laureates' concerts, can be broadcast live and/or in pre-recorded broadcasts on radio, television, and the Internet.
They can also be recorded. These recordings may be released in various formats: CD, DVD, etc.

Cession of rights

By participating in the competition, the candidates and their accompanists cede to the Competition the right to record, reproduce, and arrange for the reproduction of their performances in the competition and at the concerts on record, CD, SACD, sound track, audio cassette, video cassette, video disc or CD-ROM/CDI, DVD, minidisc, or any other existing or future medium, as well as the right to broadcast their performances by any televised or radio broadcast means, including the Internet, cable networks, terrestrial or other broadcasting, live or pre-recorded, in Belgium or abroad. This cession of rights applies to performances during the competition and to the laureates' con- certs, for a period of 50 years from the date of the performance or, if the relevant legislation provides for a longer period of protection, for such a period.


Candidates are expected to use the original scores of the works they perform. The International Marimba Competition Linz cannot be held responsible for any fraud committed by a candidate in this regard (public use of illegal copies). Candidates must be able to supply copies of the scores in their program to the Competition management and to the accompanist if one has been designated to accompany them.


A. Applications

Deadline of Application: 1 August 2015.

Applications must include the following documents:
a.    A completed application form. This form must first have been completed and submitted online on the International Marimba Competition website (www.InternationalMarimbaCompetition.com).
b.    One or more official documents (copies) establishing the candidate's nationality and place and date of birth.

Any application that does not contain these documents will not be accepted. These documents will not be returned. 
At the same time, the following documents must be via Mail (this must also be done by 1 August 2015 at the latest):
a.    A CV including details of higher education, the names of teachers, and principal concerts and recitals.
b.    A list of the candidate's repertoire.
c.    A photograph in the form of a JPG or TIFF file (minimum 300dpi) for the program.

B. Acceptance

Once his or her application has been accepted by the organizers of the Competition and his or her program has been accepted by the Artistic Committee, each candidate will be sent an invitation document and the Bank Details for the transfer of the registration fee of EUR 250. This sum will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. The Application will be confirmed after the application fee has reached the Competition account!

Candidates may not be rejected on any ideological, linguistic, political, or racial grounds.




The board of the Competition has the exclusive authority to appoint the members of the jury. The number of members is not limited. They are chosen for their international renown in the world of music, without regard to any racial, ideological, political, or linguistic considerations. The composition of the jury may vary from one round to another.
Unless otherwise explicitly set out in these rules, the jury's sole mission is to rank the candidates according to the procedure established by these rules. The jury has no administrative function.

The jury is chaired by a member of the board or by such other person as the board may designate.
The members of the jury must not, under any circumstances, inform each other of the points they have awarded.
The Competition has made it a principle to rely on the personal, individual judgement of each member of the jury. Accordingly, the members shall refrain from any form of consultation.

Jury members can only judge those rounds for which they have been expressly appointed. If a member of the jury is unable to attend one or more sessions due to circumstances beyond his or her control, the Competition organizers will be authorized either to cancel the points awarded by that member for the whole of the round in question or to attribute to those candidates whom that member of the jury has been unable to judge the weighted average as defined by „E, Article 4“.

If it turns out that one of the candidates whom the absent jury member has been unable to judge is ranked equal with another or others for the round in question, that jury member may not take part in the vote.

Only the President of the board and/or his or her representative may be present at any of the operations pertaining to the various activities of the jury.



The role of the Chairperson of the jury is to direct the operations of the competition.

In relation to the choice of works and parts of works to be performed, it is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the jury to ensure that the jury prescribes programs of equivalent nature and importance for every candidate.

The Chairperson's remit includes overseeing the rounds. To this end it is incumbent on him or her to take all necessary steps to ensure that the jury's work is carried out correctly. If, in his or her opinion, a member of the jury has committed a serious breach of the rules, the Chairperson has the power to suspend that member immediately or to submit the matter for the urgent consideration of the Executive Committee, which may, where appropriate, start proceedings before the Legal Committee.

In the event of illness or absence due to unforeseen circumstances, the Chairperson of the jury will be replaced, for the entire competition or for a part of it, either by a member of the board designated by the President of the board or by a leading musical figure appointed by the board of directors of the Competition.

The Chairperson of the jury announces the results of the rounds, faithfully reflecting the decisions of the jury.
If the Legal Committee is called upon to pronounce judgement on a matter implicating a member of the jury, it is obliged to hear that member and the Chairperson of the jury.



The International Marimba Competition is a non-profit association.

The Competition is managed by an Executive Committee. This committee is acquainted with all administrative aspects of the Competition and represents the board of directors in relation to third parties in legal and other matters, without prejudice to the exercise of those functions expressly reserved to other authorities by these rules.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the smooth running of the competition and overseeing the application of the rules. It may take any measures necessary to ensure their application and the smooth running of the com- petition. If breaches take place, it is authorized to bring these to light and to refer them to the Legal Committee.

For all matters pertaining to the administration of the Competition, the Executive Committee is authorized, under its own responsibility, to delegate particular powers or functions to persons not otherwise involved in the Competition. 


For each competition a Legal Committee is established, consisting of at least three members. This committee has the task of fairly resolving any administrative, civil, or disciplinary disputes that may arise between the candidates, the members of the jury, the Competition authorities, or the board of directors. The Committee's judgement is final and is not subject to appeal.

The members of this Committee will be nominated by the management of the Competition, which will appoint one of them as its Chairperson.
In the event of a dispute being submitted to the Legal Committee, the management of the Competition will designate three arbitrators from among the members of the Legal Committee to form an arbitration board.

The jury and the candidates will be informed of the names and responsibilities of the members of the Legal Committee. 
By participating in the competition, the members of the jury and the candidates are deemed to accept the jurisdiction of the Legal Committee.

The Chairperson of the Legal Committee will appoint a Secretary to assist the Committee in its work.

Should one of the members be unable to serve as an arbitrator for the period for which he or she has been designated, a new arbitrator shall be appointed by the management, or, if this is not possible, by the other arbitrators.

Any complaints or requests for arbitration by the Legal Committee must be addressed to its Chairperson. The Competition organizer must be notified.

In order to be considered, complaints must indicate the name of the person or persons against whom they have been lodged. 


The authorities of the International Marimba Competition in Linz can impose the following sanctions on members of the jury and on candidates:
a.    A reprimand
b.    An official warning
c.    Exclusion from the competition
d.    A permanent ban.

A reprimand can be issued by the Executive Committee of the Competition. An official warning is issued by the Chairperson of the Legal Committee. The other sanctions can only be imposed by the Legal Committee. The other administrative authorities of the Competition do not have any legal or disciplinary powers.

Quite apart from the disciplinary sanctions outlined above, the Legal Committee can also decide on all questions legitimately submitted to it and, in particular, can impose penalties requiring the payment of damages and interest to injured parties.

In the event of disputes, only the English texts of these rules are legally binding.


These rules are protected by the Austrian law on copyright and related rights. They may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior and express authorization of the Competition.


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